tree problems, tree pruningtrees inspected, tree healthdamaged trees, hollowed treestree inspections, trees inspected, tree healthWalking around your property and regularly inspecting your trees can make the difference between distinguishing a tree that may pose danger to your home and/or family. Having your trees inspected once a year is a valuable tool to determine any change in the tree’s health before serious problems arise. Below are a few tips to consider. When in doubt, contact the professionals at Tri-Brothers Tree & Landscaping, Inc., 772-465-9000.

When should trees be pruned or trimmed?
Pruning is vital in the development of a tree. Trees that receive pruning while young will require little corrective pruning as they mature. Important principals to keep in mind before pruning a tree:

Should mature trees be pruned?
Tree pruning is the most common maintenance procedure; landscape trees require a higher level of care to maintain their health and aesthetic beauty.

How can I distinguish if my tree is sick?
Sometime it can be easy to spot if your tree is suffering stress or other diseases.These are some of the warning signs:

If you find or notice these or other symptoms not described here, call a professional for a tree evaluation.

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