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Hardscapes and landscapes are a big investment, and traditional methods of protecting them have meant repeatedly spending time, effort and money. But a one-time installation of Biobarrier Root Control System or Biobarrier Weed Control System means years of security from roots or weeds growing where they’re not wanted. Constant maintenance is a thing of the past with these easy- to-use systems, allowing you to spend your time and budget in other areas.

Tree roots naturally seek out air, moisture, and nutrients, making an underground structure the perfect candidate for root damage as roots penetrate small openings and expand in diameter over time. BioBarrier is proven to stop roots for a minimum of 15 years, making it possible to build beautiful landscapes without the worry and cost of replacing damaged infrastructure before its time. If root penetration should occur, Fiberweb, Inc., the manufacturer of BioBarrier, will replace the product or refund 100% of the purchase price in the affected area.

Sidewalks, Paths, Streets, Curbs, Medians and Tennis Courts
Digging a trench adjacent to hardscape (as close as possible) insuring depth is below where existing roots are found. After trenching, we remove remaining roots, leaving walls of trench smooth. Placing the top edge of Biobarrier® at finished grade level, securing with installation of pins, provided. Filling the trench carefully to avoid dislocating Biobarrier®, and compact firmly.

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